Creating a Book Log

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Creating a Book Log

Post by Bassinet on Mon May 16, 2016 12:33 pm

Making a Thread

Each member of Reading Worms will have their own book log thread to use for the year. Please only make one, and edit your first post as adjustments need to be made.

Your thread title is up to you. It is recommended that you include your username in your book log title, so your peers can find your thread more easily.

Some name suggestions:
Bassinet's Book Log
Books I read in 2016 (Bassinet)
My Book List - Bassinet
Bassinet's Neverending Book Journey!
Forever Turning Pages // Bassinet's Log

Keep things as simple as you want, or be extra creative if that suits you more.

Inside your book log, you'll want your list to be organized and easy to read. Keep the list of books you read in chronological order, so mods can easily check your progress when you request to have your reading worm lengthened. The titles and authors of all the books you read should be included. But it is your choice whether to add anything else.

What you might want to include:


  • The date you finished each book
  • How many days each book took you to finish
  • The month in which each book was read

Book Categories

  • The trail color each book earned your reading worm
  • The type of book you read: non-fiction, mystery, encyclopedia, etc.

Ratings and Reviews

  • A short paragraph detailing your opinion of each book
  • A rating of each book (you can use the star emoticons for this)

You may also include a small section at the end of your log of your "in-progress" books.


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