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Trait Information

Post by Bassinet on Sun May 15, 2016 4:43 pm

More about Traits

There are five different traits you can earn for your worm.

These are: Glow, Wriggle, Speed, Dig, and Goo.

Your worm's glow, wriggle, speed, and dig traits will be decided by your peers on this forum.

Each trait says something a little different about your worm.

Glow is the amount of light that surrounds your reading worm. It is a trait that shows that you are helpful, approachable, and reliable. You are never too far when someone needs you. You always do your best.

Wriggle is a trait that characterizes those that stray from the norm. It means that you walk a different path than what is expected from you. You are interesting. You know how to say and do things in ways that haven't been done before. You go places, and you do it with style.

Speed is not just about your physical speed but your mental swiftness as well. You complete a task before others have even begun. Your actions knock people off their feet and leave them breathless. You are cunning, witty, and hardworking. You are quick above all else.

Dig is your ability to burrow deep and journey far. You're not afraid to go to new places. You're adventurous. You also have a way of getting under people's skin. They remember you and the way you have accomplished things that for them remain only dreams. You are unforgettable.

Goo is the only trait you can earn without the help of others. It is all about how much you make yourself known. It is like the slime trail left by a snail. It is what rubs off when you meet someone new, like a small gift that never truly goes away. And interestingly enough, the more you interact, the quicker you produce more of this sticky goo.

[screenshot of traits below name and on profile]
Traits show up on messages and profiles.

Buying Traits for Others

Once you have accumulated a good amount of points, you can start buying traits for other Reading Worms members.

Each new trait will cost you 5 points.

The first time a trait is purchased, it will be yellow. Five of those yellow traits is equal to one red trait. And five red traits is one blue trait.

You can also simply buy one red or blue trait instead. A red trait would cost 25 points, while a blue trait would cost 125.

When you purchase a trait for someone you get to decide what category the trait will fall under. You can pick traits because you like their meanings or because you like their looks the best. It's up to you!

Follow the instructions in the current [trait request sticky] to buy a trait.

When you do this, you will earn your worm (and yourself!) a goo trait. You get one yellow goo trait for every five points you spend on other people.


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