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Post by Bassinet on Wed May 11, 2016 8:43 pm

Thank you for joining Reading Worms! We hope you enjoy your time here, meeting new people and, of course, gaining another excuse to read more.

We offer a few things that other book forums don't, so take a few minutes to read this guide and learn about all the special features here at Reading Worms.

About Reading Worms

First of all, let's go over what a reading worm actually is. A reading worm is your little companion who keeps track of the amount of books you read throughout the year. You may have seen some when browsing around the site. They show up on member profiles and under member avatars on each post.

[screenshot of worm]
An example of a worm.

There are nine different styles from which to choose. When you read a book, your worm's trail gets longer. The colors that result depend on the type of reading you report.

The Color Key:
Non-Fiction - Green
Realistic Fiction - Purple
Speculative Fiction (Supernatural, Futuristic, or Fantastical) - Light Blue
Short Book/Graphic Comic - Magenta
10 Children's Picture Books - Pink
Aspiring Writer's Book - Orange

You can view the available worm styles [here] and request a worm of your own in the [Worm Request forum]. Each member gets one worm, so be sure to take time deciding which one is right for you. At the end of the year, all users will have their worms retired and be able to choose new worms for the next year. Retired worms will get a special place on member profiles, so they can be admired for years to come.

Official Site Reading Worms

These little guys do a lot of work, even more than regular reading worms! They keep track of all the books members have read throughout a month. So every time members add colors to their worms' trails, those same colors and amount of additions will be able to be seen on the official site reading worm.

These worms do so much work that they must be retired every month, but new ones are quick to take the coveted job, and old ones can always be viewed and adored in [this area of the forum].

Points and Traits

You receive points every time your worm grows and for each post you make.

When your worm grows, you'll receive 20 points, no matter which category of book reading you reported.

Each post is worth 1 point, except in the game forum. And each review you write [here] will earn you 5 points.

When you earn enough points, you can use them in the [Trait Scatterbox]. There, you can buy traits for other members' worms. These are fun stats that customize a worm and show the community that that member has been exceedingly friendly or helpful. And better yet, you even increase your own stat (goo) when you buy traits for other people. More information about these traits can be found [here].

Official and Unofficial Contests

Lastly, we offer contests to encourage our members to read more. We anticipate holding at least two official contests each month. These contests will require that you read specific books or a specific amount of books by a deadline. Some of these will have you joining teams, and most include a community goal (such as X participants or X books read overall) that must be reached in order to receive the prize.

Prizes for official contests include the addition of new smileys for the forum, new worm styles, or (the rare!) custom or bonus worms for certain individuals.

Every member here is also able to create their own contests with specified goals for entrants. This can be done in the [Challenges] forum. Members can offer rewards such as: points (mods will assist you in transferring these), traits, or special graphics/art created for the contest.

Now that you know more about Reading Worms, we hope you'll enjoy a long stay with us!


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